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Remote Windows (SMB) Sharing over Secure, Encrypted SSH

October 10th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in Networking, Security

Here’s a blast from the past. For years I’ve kept an engineering notebook. Simply because after about a decade of playmaking, everything started to blur. Who, what, how and when started to just get hard to track. (And I still haven’t written down everything unfortunately — which really is just a tad irritating when I have to reclimb a mountain once already conquered… :-))

So from time to time, I may reach back and post something of interest, esp. if I’ve had a hard time finding the solution anywhere else. (There’s a million things I’ve done that everyone else has done. You don’t need this blog for that. Click here to find those. :-))

So, once upon a time — I’ll not state the time, place or occasion — I wanted to connect to my Windows shares at home from a remote location inside of a firewall. Now, everyone knows SMB and Windows file sharing in general is notoriously unsecure. How to do this without exposing myself and the network I was on? Enter the old trusty companion, SSH. Here’s how we do it, picking up from a post several years ago:

Original Posting

It’s not too hard to run a remote LAN connection over an SSH tunnel on Windows.  Assuming the SSH tunneling aspect of this is already in place (via Cygwin, PuTTY or something else), here’s what we need to do:
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