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iPad Remote App Uses HTTP

October 25th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in Moble, Networking

I’ve only recently gotten around to getting any semblance of order and imported CDs into my iTunes on my Macbook Pro. No need to run Apple‘s iPad Remote until now. I usually just use Teleport (highly recommended by the way) to move my mouse onto my wife’s Mac Mini screen which has some nice Bose speakers and play tunes through her computer anyway from our centralized MP3 share on the household file server.

But anyway, this afternoon I was trying to connect to my iTunes library using Remote and wasn’t getting anywhere. Apple has a link built into Remote that takes you to a page on Safari in their support forums that has detailed help on how to trouble-shoot Remote connectivity issues, but everything on my Macbook Pro and iPad 2 seemed to be setup just fine.

I got the notion however that Remote might be using HTTP to access shared iTunes libraries on the local LAN. Sure enough. And that did the trick. We’re using a proxy server on the premises and apparently my entries in iPad networking for ignoring proxy requests for .local domains isn’t working. (It’s time to get away from .local anyway… this is being utilized more and more behind the scenes — I’ve been warned.)

So if you’re having issues with iTunes home sharing in any way and you’re behind a proxy server, this could be the source of your grief. Try turning your proxy server settings off and see what happens.

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iOS 5 Update Review

October 14th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in Moble

So, a quick review of my twin iOS 5 upgrade. I have two iPad 2 devices. One for me, consulting (just invaluable for reading!), and one for the wife, homemaking. Which of the two is more “business critical”? :-) I’m not saying outright but let’s just say, I’m the CEO and she’s the COO at home. Everything starts at home, and she runs a tight ship, so… I’ll let you go figure from there. :-)

My CEO Upgrade

My upgrade may be of some interest because… for sake of simplicity, when I originally bought my iPad 2, I didn’t yet have a Mac. I still had a company owned PC and I didn’t want to sync to that. So I sync’d to her Mac with her id. Maybe a bad decision at the time, with the completely inexplicable need to have the original iPad 2 even have to plug in to get started in the first place, but that drove that decision. (We were completely taken back and absolutely amazed at the time that Apple actually made you plug in a cable to wake up a mobile device — to this day, that still amazes me, and then later the belated capability was touted as a “check this out” feature by Apple when talking about iOS 5… Really?! :-))

So I decided for the iOS 5 upgrade, I would get back on my own Apple ID. I half expected my backup to backup all the apps “we” had bought and restore them to my iPad 2 and still be maintained. I was 50/50 on this. Ehhht. No dice. So I have to buy my own copy of Pages and whatnot. But… The upgrade did retain all my settings for apps like Mint.com, Box.net, Dropbox, etc. (Hey Mint!! When are you going to get with the program and release your iPad 2 application!!?? C’mon!! Way overdue!!)

Needless to say, my Cydia jailbreak was going to be toast. But I was prepared to live with that. The biggest asset for having a rooted device previously was extending the number of sites I could have open at one time in Safari and the geek factor of being able to SSH into the iPad 2 from a command line on my Mac. And some Springboard modifications and features, but… No big deal losing on any of those fronts and the new iOS 5 Safari was going to fix that, so… we’ll see what happens with Cydia comes out with a jailbreak for iOS 5.
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