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Great (SailPoint) Work Is Out There!

Today was it. Today was the day I finally broke down and went beyond lamenting that I can’t clone myself. Today was the day I looked in the mirror and called myself a little bit of stupid and a little bit of selfish.

The Problem I Wish Everyone Had

They always say start by defining the problem.

There are problems and then there are problems. Real problems are bad. Other problems are actually good to have. I’m happy to say I confront the latter almost every day and I’d really like to share these problems with you. More on that later where you can be part of the solution to a lot of open problems I know about, if you want.

But let’s face it… we all know it. Security is hot right now. And if you’ve done a good job in security and are somewhat known, it’s nuclear. My problem is I get lots of fantastic opportunities come my way every day. I think about a lot of you out there. I get some really, really nice opportunities. And I lament I can’t respond to them all.

Me At Vormetric

I’m doing well at Vormetric and Vormetric is doing extremely well in the market place. Vormetric is posed on the edge of what I believe is a radical change in how enterprises go about Data Security and Encryption.

Vormetric does what it does extremely well; better than anyone else in the market place. So I’m set. I love what I do and more importantly what I can do for other people. Vormetric fills an important void. (And believe it or not, Data Security and Encryption has a direct tie-in to how enterprises should approach Identity Management that I had never considered before and a lot of companies still aren’t considering — it’s the “bottom third” that Identity Management can’t touch. More on that in another post.)

Those are the things that really drive me at core… what I can do to legitimately help other people in the mission-critical security space. Which dovetails right in line with the theme of this posting. If you are interested, keep reading.

If You Want To Be Part Of The Solution… There Are Plenty of Great Problems To Solve!

I had a really nice conversation with the CISO of a major retail brand today.1 Fantastic person. “Gets” people. Knows her job. Confident, driven by the right things and execution oriented, but insightful and just checks off on all the right boxes. She’s got a fantastic Identity & Access Management Architect position open at the moment.

Part of a fantastic job opportunity is not just what you’re going to be doing, but who you’re going to be doing for. She’s that kind of person. If you’re qualified and interested, hit me with your resume and cover letter in email at idmops (at) chrisolive (dot) me. You can be informal with me. If I like what I see, I’ll be happy to pass you along.

My sense is that if you are in the Big Four or have that kind of mindset, are still tactical (as I am), and need for whatever reason to re-align and maybe make a move to full-time, drop me a line at idmops (at) chrisolive (dot) me. This is probably perfect for you.

This is a strong position that requires both demonstrable technical and political leadership capabilities across multiple lines within the security practice, helping the CISO and at least one VP improve their security posture significantly in the IdM space by (1) architecting the overall IdM function within the organization and (2) helping to champion the vision and direction you primarily are responsible for crafting, operationalize it (hand-off to operations VP), drive it forward and continue to mature it.

Do NOT let the “title” fool you. This is more like a technical director position in reality.

Location: West-side of Minneapolis.

2015: The Year of SailPoint

Another lament: I knew at the beginning of 2015 that everyone and their dog was going to want to implement Sailpoint this year. (I checked with my dog in January and he said “Yep”, he was planning on implementing Sailpoint IIQ this year. Who knew?!) The year is now more than halfway over and now I can’t claim to be a prophet. Another missed opportunity for me, eh?! (Oh well… Maybe a dog whisperer?! :-))

To put it mildly, Sailpoint is going cray-cray. I have people passing Sailpoint ops past me all the time. Some of these are really, really nice positions. And it’s both sides: private sector full-time positions and consulting.

I know a lot of (really the right) people both in the private sector as well as the consulting and the Big Four worlds I can put you in touch with. Are you in a full-time role and have day dreamed about maybe making the jump to the Big Four? I can get you there. Other way around? Need to climb out of the Big Four for whatever reason? I often know of really nice positions like the above that will provide the reward you have experienced at the Big Four in a private sector, full-time position.2

I do get ops in a lot of other technologies, but I see a lot of Sailpoint opportunities on both sides (full-time private sector and Big Four) and if you are (1) a thriving Sailpoint professional or (2) would like to be… drop me a line at idmops (at) chrisolive (dot) me.

My email already overflowth, so make sure your subject line stands out. You can’t be working in a better technology than Sailpoint with a better pipeline. v6.4 just came out and as usual, the folks at Sailpoint continue to push the envelop of Identity Management and are just crushing it. You gotta get in on the fun because the fun is definitely out there. There’s a little more than 5 months left in 2015, so why wait?!

What a time we live in, huh? I ultimately don’t see any problem with that. :-)

Cheers for now!


1 – Which is another thing… I’m talking to more CIOs, CISOs and SVPs than I ever have before. So I hear about great job opportunities all the time.
2 – You can write to me in confidence. I will not share your information or ambitions with anyone else except exactly as you would like.

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