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SailPoint IIQ 5.5p1 Released w/Install Caveat

February 22nd, 2012 | No Comments | Posted in IAM Development, Travel, Vendor Specific

Just a quick note that Sailpoint IIQ v5.5p1 was released this week. Seems to be working great, has a lot of bug fixes and overall is a quick and smooth install. The release notes (if you have a Compass account) go over the details, so I won’t cover them here.

One caveat to mention is this: Do NOT install Sailpoint IIQ 5.5 and then install the p1 release from scratch. Make sure you install Sailpoint IIQ 5.5 sans p1, then do your XML imports (init and init-lcm), login, and THEN go through the p1 patch cycle. Otherwise… surprise! You will not be able to log into spadmin (due to DB schema changes in the patch). Not a great feeling when it happens. Trust me. :-)

Brought to you live, onsite with Sailpoint, from Boise State University. Hoping to see the blue football field before we leave. :-)


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